Innovation and Discovery Center
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      DI refers to the discovery & innovation center. As a shared space established by the library to meet the needs of teachers and students on scientific researches, it is a place aimed to play its role in talent cultivation of college students and scientific innovation and development of each department. Centering on the need of talent cultivation of college students and scientific innovation and development of each department, the construction of the innovation and discovery center aims to construct a one-stop knowledge service system to offer professional documents information services for researchers and graduates and create a diversified scientific research environment through the integration of rich documents resources, professional librarians and modernized hardware and software facilities, so as to promote the communication, interaction, cooperation and sharing among users and finally achieve the discovery and innovation of subjects. The innovation and discovery center is an open type integrating the documents resources center, communication and discussion center and innovation and research center, which can offer better supports to E-Science and E-Research. Users can not only find the professional information they need here, but also conduct innovation research and discussions with scientific research teams and librarians more easily.
      Services offered in the innovation and discovery center include:environmental services(WIFI and  multimedia audio-video service), hardware and software service(the use of the hardware and software resources), documents resources service(digital teaching reference, academic documents resources), research space service(research and study room, discussion district and meeting room), scientific research and training service(training about the induction and quality of scientific research), scientific research assistance service(research tools and research consultation), discipline service(sci-tech novelty retrieval and orientation, subject analysis) and so on.
      Service objects: Teachers and graduates engaged in research are the main objects we offer services for. We encourage teachers and students to carry out research in the form of scientific research teams, who have the priority to the access to the service.
      Address: First floor of Shaw Building in polytechnic library
      Contact: teacher Wei
      Tel: 023-65106077 

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