Seminar room service
Publish:admin      Click:981     Date: Mon Jun 30 11:05:00 CST 2014

     Seminar room service is free space service provided by the library to research teams. As academic research place, research teams can conduct researches and subjects discussion in seminar room within a period of time.  
      (1) Sub-library: polytechnic library (campus A)     service department: discipline service and consulting department.
      Management center: innovation & discovery center     Tel: 023-65106073
      (2)Sub-library: architecture library (campus B)    service department: architecture library of CQUL.
      Management center: office 108, in the leveling floor of architecture library    Tel: 023-65126170
      (3) Sub-library: Huxi library (Huxi campus)      service department: Huxi library
      Management center: the tenth floor office of Huxi library     Tel: 023-65678061

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