CQU Memory
Publish:admin      Click:1672     Date: Mon Jun 30 11:06:00 CST 2014
       CQU memory is a kind of idiomatical service provided by the library for graduates, which means that before graduates leaving school, they can get a file cover and a seal in the second floor office of east building in the library of campus A or the tenth floor office of Huxi library to store their four years’ memory about CQU. The file covers will be collected by our library, after graduation, graduates can still come to library to consult them at anytime. Goods can be stored in the library include: manuscripts (letters, diaries, reading notes), photos, papers, awards, certificates, letters of appointment, student cards and any small items that are worth to be remembered. Bag items shall not exceed 300 pages/bag.
      Service department: office,   Tel: 023-65102601
      Service department: Huxi library,   Tel: 023-65678061

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