Special Collection
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      Established in 2002 and redecorated in 2007, Special Collection for Ancient Books in CQUL was awarded as the key ancient books protection unit of Chongqing.
      Characteristic literatures stored in the Special Storage Room are mainly those of the time of the Republic of China and thread-bound ancient ones. In the literature of the time of the Republic of China, there are 8738 kinds of books, 2420 kinds of periodicals(8778 issues in total) and 61 kinds of newspapers(about 5000 issues in total). Literature about the anti-Japanese war is the distinguishing feature of this room. The academic thoughts and culture of china during the anti-Japanese time took a new lease of life after the baptism of the war. Carrying forward the characters of the New Culture Movement, the academic thoughts and culture generated in this period created another golden age in the history of Chinese culture. As the temporary capital of the wartime, Chongqing offers rich literature resources in researching the history of the wartime. In this library, there are 223 volumes of books of the wartime, 45 kinds of newspapers (about 1200 issues in total), 109 kinds of periodicals (about 800 issues in total), all of which offer rich resources for the research of that charming history. The library of CQU also carries out the digitalization of the special collections. So far, data bank about the anti-Japanese war and the data base of the school magazines of the colleges and middle-schools in the wartime have been established, the literature about the anti-Japanese war collected in the former one has more than 400 ones.
      The CQUL has been attaching great importance to the collection, collation and construction of the ancient books. The special storage room now has about 20 thousand thread-bound ancient books, many of which are quite unique. Reengineered Ancient Rare Books is one of the collections in this room. As the national key cultural project established in 2002, it stores the classics of the rare books from Tang to Qing dynasty and is a valid show of the culture classics of the Chinese history. Inscription rubbing, calligraphy, painting and old photographs are also contained in this room.
      Hall of the special storage room of CQU
      Passage of the stack room of the Special Collection 
       Stack room for the ancient books of Special Collection

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