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      The navigation service and mutual borrowing offered by CQUL to university users include: CALIS shared service, NSTL navigation service, CASHL arts navigation service, CADAL documents service, Bai Lianyun E-library and Duxiu academic search system.
      Service Department: Interlibrary cooperation department
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   (1)CALIS Sharing Service
         The full name of CALIS is China Academic Library and Information System, through which readers can reach documents, mainly including journal articles, conference papers, dissertations and chapters in books, from National University Libraries,National Center for Scientific and Technical Documentation (NCSTD for short) and National Library of China(NLC for short). Presently, Shanghai Library is the only library providing the service of mutual borrowing.
        (Official website of CALIS:    
   (2)NSTL Navigation Service
        The full name of NSTL is National Science and Technology library, which can provide users with available journal articles, dissertations, conference papers and patents collected in Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Technology Digital Library, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences(CAAS for short) library and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Library. The service mainly is based on the navigation of documents.    
       (Official website of NSTL:
   (3)CASHL Arts Navigation Service
         The full name of CASHL is China Academic Social Sciences and Humanities Library, the only guarantee system of foreign periodical literatures related with humanities and social science in China to provide users with relevant documents involving humanities and social science from Chinese universities. The service mainly is based on the navigation of documents.
       (Official Website of CASHL:
   (4)CADAL (China Academic Digital Associative Library)
         The full name of CASAL is China Academic Digital Associative Library, offering users various media resources including Chinese paintings and calligraphies, architecture and engineering, seal, dramas and crafts with one-step personalized service. Reading and borrowing some e-books can be available after registration. 
      (Official Website:
   (5)Bai Lianyun Library     
        Massive metadata databases of Chinese and foreign literature are contained in Bai Lianyun Library which establishes the search engine basing on metadata searching. With one-step search of various resources, Bai Lianyun Library can provide users with the deep search of literature resources as well as contents in full texts and navigation service.    
   (6)Duxiu Academic Search System
        Duxiu Academic Search is a super large database made up of massive full-text bases and metadata. Users can employ the academic engine to search the content as well as full texts of books and journals. With the fastest speed, the seeking knowledge points are directly located in the correspondent pages.

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