Social services
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     Social services mainly include: alumni service, CDISS service and public service.

     (1) alumni service
        Alumni service is a kind of exclusive service for graduates which means that with the help of borrowing card graduates can still enjoy borrowing documents, documents transfer, novelty examining, etc.
        Service department: interlibrary cooperation department, Tel: 023-65106455  

     (2) CDISS- Chongqing Digital Information and Service Systems
        In 2002, Chongqing Digital Information and Service Systems (CDISS for short) ,was initiated by Chongqing University Library, started by Chongqing scientific committee, jointed by a number of agencies, whose purposes are promoting the sharing of digital resources, providing information services for scientific research, technological innovation, product development and talent cultivation of Chongqing city, satisfying government departments, research & education institutions and social enterprises’ needs of scientific and technical information.
        Service department: interlibrary cooperation department
        Tel: 023-65106736

     (3) Public service
        Social public readers who are undertaking scientific research projects or have other needs of library documents can transact “CQUL borrowing card” to enjoy the services of consulting books and periodicals, borrowing books and so on.

        Service department:

        certificate handling office in polytechnic library          Tel: 023-65102606
        The tenth floor office in Huxi library         Tel: 023-65678061

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