Donation Service
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    Donation services mainly include: book donation from the graduates, acceptation of donation and donation to the outside.
     (1) Book donation from graduates and the management of the “drifting books”
            Book donation from graduates is an activity initiated by the library, which aims to construct a loving bridge between the whole students and transmit knowledge and love. Since the graduation season in 2005, the library encourages graduates to donate their textbooks, reference books and extra-curricular books that they no longer use to the library, which will be left to their younger schoolmates to use. Apart from the graduation season, readers can directly donate books in the donation and reading room. For those who donate books, the library will give little gifts to show thanks and organize people to conduct classification and put away of the books donated, thus finally open to the students to read for free.
            Service department: cultural education center
            Tel: 023-65102616
     (2) Acceptation of donation
          Acceptation of donation is a literature acquisition way that the library used to acquire the ownership and legal right of the books donated by the readers free of charge. After the acceptation, according to the content of the books, the library will pick those ones suitable to be collected to make a catalogue before offering them to readers.
           Service department: Resource department
           Tel: 023-65102614
     (3) Donation to outside
          Library will pick out the old books, newspapers and periodicals compiled by our school and books to outer institutions free of charge to popularize and promote the work and services to conduct academic exchanges done by our school and library.
           Service department: Resource department
           Tel: 023-65102614

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