Foreign Teaching Material Center in CQU
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      In order to implement the instruction spirit, which is proposed by Deng Xiaoping, that “education should be oriented to the needs of modernization, the globalization and the future”, the educational ministry set up 9 foreign teaching material centers featuring the foundation courses of science and engineering in colleges. In 1985, aiming at the problems encountered in the work and the need of further development of education and reform of teaching, the educational ministry set another 4 foreign teaching material centers, the coverage of those centers include science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management and so on. The educational ministry required these centers, in accordance with their needs, to introduce teaching materials with advanced levels from the world on various subjects. The teaching materials introduced should not only include these general and basic ones, but also those with certain characteristics and original ideas, the systematicness of the book series and books with several volumes shall also be taken into consideration. Thus, a comprehensive, systemized and matched foreign teaching material center system could be build up in our country, which would be of great help in pushing forward the teaching reform and teaching material accumulation and fully play its role in serving teaching and scientific researches. 
      The foreign teaching material center in CQU, situated in the fourth floor of the library- Shaw building in campus A, is one of the first national education resources sharing base set up by the educational ministry in 1979. According to the division by the educational ministry, this center is mainly in charge of the introduction, collection, research and use of the foreign teaching materials on different subjects, mainly on the machinery subject. Books in this center are open to college teachers and students all over the country. Services offered include: borrowing, mail, copying, and documents delivery and orientation through phone and E-mail. Welcome college teachers and students all over our nation to use the books in the foreign teaching material center in CQU.
      Address: Foreign teaching material center (fourth floor in Shaw Building) in A campus A of CQU
      Tel: (023)65111639
      Opening hour: Monday - Friday   8:30am -11.30am    2:30pm -5:30pm

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