Chronicles of Events
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In October, 1930, Chongqing University Library was officially founded.
In 1932, the Committee of Chongqing University Library was established.
In 1933, the library has been removed from Yanjia Garden, Caiyuanba, to Shapingba Campus.
By the year of 1935, the volume of the reserved books had totaled up to 32914, among which the collected books of inscription rubbings on ancient bronzes and stone tablets numbered 870. The classification of these volumes uniformly uses the library taxonomy supported by the compilation of “catalogue index”. Moreover, Chongqing University Library Regulations and Book-borrowing Rules of Chongqing University are formulated to ensure the order.
In 1938, a new library, Fucheng Library was set up in the construction program.
In 1939, Chongqing University appropriated funds as much as RMB 200,000 for the reconstruction of the library.
In 1940, the volumes of the reserved books in the library amounted to 61863, including 44690 Chinese books and 17173 books in western languages.
In 1942, a “Chongqing University Library Meeting” was held.
In 1948, a new library was under construction, aiming at a reservation of 100,000 volumes of books and a seating capacity of over 400 students. Now it is the old site of the Songlinpo (Pinewood Slope) Library cut out from the state-run Roosevelt Library.
In 1950, the library began to receive various books and documents which came from the hostile puppet regime. The liberation of Chongqing opened a new chapter for the development of Chongqing University.
In 1951, the new library received the removal and relocation of the old one.
In 1952, a system of open-shelf book browsing in stack rooms and a self-service management system in periodical rooms were introduced. Chongqing College of Architectural Library (which is now the Campus B Branch Lib) was established.
In 1953, approaches for private book-purchasing were drawn up, and management methods together with the book picking-up range of each department library room were developed. In addition, the 1953 Catalogue Rules was amended.
In 1955, a part close-shelf system replaced the whole open-shelf one.
In 1956, some central libraries were instituted by Sichuan Province, and Chongqing University Library was one member of those central libraries.
On October7, 1957, the Science and Technology Committee in Sichuan Province was informed in written form by the Scientific Planning Committee of the State Council which agreed on the decision that entrenched Chongqing University Library as one of the Four Central Library within the whole province.
In 1959, The Book Taxonomy of Chinese Academy of Sciences was brought into use.
In 1963, means of borrowing by making appointment and returning books by giving overdue notices were adopted.
In 1966, the elementary stack room was set up. However, the Cultural Revolution which lasted for ten years seriously disrupted the normal function of the library.
In 1978, Chongqing Architectural Junior College (which is now the Campus C Lib) was established. The construction of the new Chongqing University Library (which is now the eastern building) was completed and put into use. The new library of Chongqing Architectural College (which is now the Campus B Lib) was completed and put into use.
In 1979, the Ministry of Education decided to set up 9 centers of foreign teaching materials and in May, Chongqing University Library established the kind of center.
In 1980, Chongqing University began to grant professional titles to those doing library works.
In 1981, the Ministry of Education employed our library as a member of the information service committee for the higher education library at the first national university library conference.
In 1983, the Science and Technology Translation was edited and issued.
In 1985, certain patent literature documents were in systematic collection.
In 1986, teaching and research office used for literature retrieval was set up.
In 1987, our library continued to be a member of the information service committee by the Ministry of Education at the second national university library conference.
In 1988, book reservation catalogue was under the process of compilation, which helped reinforce the duplicate checking work of the library.
In 1989, sci-tech novelty retrieval station was established, which was one of the first batches of national sci-tech novelty retrieval stations ratified by the local science and technology commission. In addition, the database of LC MARC was introduced. The CD computer cataloging system for books in western languages was set up, and Construction Policy for Book Reservation and Book Eliminate Regulations were adopted by the University Library Information Committee.
In 1991,the foreign teaching material center held a seminar on the mechanical discipline and at the same time, the very center had initiated an academic exchange and cooperation agreement in collaboration with Ohio University in America.
In April, 1992, Chongqing University Library set up the student management committee.
In 1993, catalogue database that included a reservation of 30000 kinds of books collected since 1976 was built up. Our library also independently developed the Totem Computer Integrated Management System and introduced EI CD.
In 1994, our library was evaluated as the “Excellent Library” by the University Library Assessment of Sichuan Province.
In 1995, the Library Shaw Building came into service. In 1996, it began to adjust the mechanism building, and set up the information department, collecting and editing department, reading department, periodical department and offices.
In 1997, the LAN in the library went through the complete retrofit and the homepage of the library was created.
In 1998, “Lectures on humanistic quality education given in the Shaw Building” were held.
In 1999, “211 Project” of Chongqing University initiated the literature security system construction project and our library became a member of CALIS Project.
In 2000, three schools joined together and became a new Chongqing University Library.
In April, 2001, we initiated the construction of the Chongqing University Digital Library and successfully passed the project acceptance inspection of the “211 Project” literature security system construction project.
In October, 2002, the predecessor of MZH-BBS “readers’ exchange area of CQU D-Lib” was created. In November, it successfully passed the automatic assessment of University Libraries in Chongqing and got an excellent performance. The C Campus Library House was transformed, and meanwhile, the co-construction and sharing digital information system (CDISS) in Chongqing was initiated.
In 2003, our library successfully declared a ministry-level sci-tech novelty retrieval station authorized by the Ministry of Education. Our library successfully initiated a master degree of Information Science in collaboration with the School of Economics and Management since 2003. Our library also became a center of CALIS in the province. The east building of the A Campus Library was in the reconstruction project.
In 2004, an index database SCI of international authority was introduced. A virtual reference service in the section of the MZH-BBS“Library Service” was carried out. Its own database “Chongqing University Thesis & Dissertations” was set up.
In October, 2005, Huxi temporary library opened up and passed the evaluation in excellent marks that November. The library party branch upgraded to the general party branch.
In 2006, Chongqing College of Architectural Library (which is now the Campus B Lib) was under overall reconstruction.
In March, 2007, Chongqing University Library established the youth academic forum and in July, CQU Collection Library was in the preparing building stage. On October 8, the modern library management system ADLIB 2 was successfully deployed and put into use.
In 2008, our library successfully got the national social science fund project of application. 
In 2009, alumni service was started up. In October, our library held the “China Library Lib2.0 Annual Meeting”; in November, the system of Library Knowledge Search was put into use and the reformation of the bent frame system of Chinese books was initiated.
On June 10, 2010, Huxi Library was opened up in terms of trial, and later, the three stages of province center CALIS was launched and the four campus borrowing & returning service was combined together and was activated.
On March 11, 2011, book site-picking base of Huxi Library was set up and opened to the outside world. On March 23, it provided the trans-campus borrowing & returning service. In June, the construction of compact stacks was successfully completed and put into use. In December, the “Library 2.0 System” was evaluated as innovation project of 2011 higher educational informationization, and we signed cooperative agreements successively with Emory University of America and the Peking University.
On March 13, 2012, our library won an honorable title of “Excellent Reservation Library •Diamond Award” praised by the Posts and Telecom Press. On March 16, “211 Project” three stage construction of the literature information resource and security system” swept through the acceptance inspection in “excellent” scores. On July 23, the higher school library information steering committee of the Ministry of Education successfully held its fourth meeting of the three sessions in Chongqing University Huxi Library. On October 22, the knowledge sharing service platform of brilliant alliance libraries was officially launched. On November 7, we started a depth-cooperation seminar with Cincinnati Library of America. On November 28, we successfully held “The Fifth Library Management and Service Innovation Forum” and CADAL “Special Topic Forum Supporting by Technology and Intelligent Library Service”.

Chronicle of events in 2013
On May, 20, 2013, we carried out “Archive CQU Memories” activity.
On September, 16, 2013, “Innovation & Discovery Center” was opened to teachers and students for free.
On October, 10, 2013, Mr. Zhangjie and Mr. Ted Baldwin curator of science and engineering sub-library, of Cincinnati University Library held library entering education for the first batch students who joined CQU-UCJCI Project.
On October, 10, 2013, special collections room of humanity and social science library was officially opened.
On October, 28, 2013, library homepage possessing flat service ideas was officially published.
In December, 2013, “Chongqing University Library Service Process Specification” was completed, which was the first full-service process specification of CQUL.


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