Reference Services
Publish:admin      Click:975     Date: Mon Jun 30 09:56:00 CST 2014

     Reference services mainly provide the following services for readers: mobile, Email, BBS consulting, FAQ and BBS communication.
     Service department: technology department (023-65111402),
     Discipline service and consulting department(023-65106080)
     (1) reference and consulting
         Library tries to answer readers’ questions on relevant library policies, service programs, library use, using skills and other issues through telephone, Email, BBS and other means.
     (2) FAQ
         FAQ (frequently asked questions) services are services to answer frequently asked questions by users on library service.
     (3) BBS communication
         Bulletin Board System (BBS) is a kind of interactive service. CQUL pushes out relevant services for the whole students and staffs with the help of MZH-BBS( library especially sets up a “library service” module ( in MZH-BBS. Readers can conduct network communication in this section with librarians.

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