Library entering training for freshmen
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    (1) Library entering training for freshmen

       Training objects: undergraduate freshmen, graduate freshmen and newly enrolled international students.
       Training purposes: Help the newly enrolled students to get a comprehensive and systematized idea about the environment and system of the document resources in the campus, to gain general knowledge about how to use the resources in the library, to learn the method about how to use document resources of various types, to improve their ability to acquire knowledge and to adapt to the learning environment and style in university.
       Training forms: training forms adopted include lectures on special topics, freshmen seminar (embedded in the lecture), visiting and so on. The specific time of the training is left to each department, and the duration of which is about 1 hour.
       Contact number of the people responsible for the coordination of training:
           Teacher Chen:  65106078   Teacher Yuan: 13658335913 
       Online learning material: manga version of the library entering training for freshmen
       Comprehensive version of the library entering training for freshmen
    (2) Lectures on information literacy
       Training contents: the use of database, searching skills, introduction of the common software and so on.
       Place for training: at a fixed time each week in the library in polytechnic library and Huxi library.
       Arrangements of the lectures will be broadcasted on the homepage and through the official micro-blog of the library; readers could attend the lectures according to the messages announced.
    (3) Reservation of the lectures on specific topics
       In view of the need of the learning process of major courses and scientific research activity, departments, classes, learning interest groups and scientific research teams can order lectures on special topics from the subject librarian in the discipline service and consulting department of the library.
    (4) Public courses on Literature Retrieval and Utilization
       Literature Retrieval and Utilization is a public course offered to graduates. Welcome graduate students to take this optional course.

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