Introduction Of Chongqing University Library
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     Chongqing University Library founded in 1930, with a long history and rich collections, is one of the largest libraries in western China. Our library adheres to the school’s very mission of “promoting academic progresses, nurturing talents, invigorating our country, vitalizing our social community”, and aims at “literature supporting, culturally educating”. Meanwhile, in terms of harmonious development, our library has put forward a trinity principle of “resource, management, and service” as the construction thinking, persisted in the guiding notion “service first and readers supreme”, and endeavors to become a high-level omnibus research university library of international fame.
     The library includes six professional branches: polytechnic library, architecture library, humanities and social sciences library, Huxi library, historical document center, law library, which totally occupies 65,714 square meters with 5,405 reading seats. The library, with 4,080,000 document collections has outstanding collection features in: architecture, management, mechanical, electrical, environment, metallurgy, and information. Meanwhile, humanities and social sciences resources are becoming increasingly available under special fund’s supports. In 2001, in order to supply 24 hours service for all readers, we built digital library service platform. Every year the library invests over RMB 10, 000,000 in digital resources acquisition, which ensures an adequate supply.
      Library has 130 staffs. The whole library consists of ten departments: office, department of resource-construction (under which historical documentation centre was established), technology department, discipline-serving and consulting department, interlibrary cooperation department, tech. library, architecture library, Huxi library, humanities and social sciences library and cultural education centre. Library provides all-round literature services for entire school teachers and students.
      Address: Shazheng Street 174, Shapingba District, Chongqing.
      Zip Code: 400044

Document Resources
      As of December 2013, the library has a paper document collection of 4,080,000 copies, of which 27,227 are ancient books and 16,903 are republican documents. Library also owns more than 2,750,000 kinds of digital books (about 1,100,000 of them repeat with paper documents). It also includes 10,700 kinds of Chinese E-journals, 20,800 kinds of foreign E-journals and 5,390,000 dissertations (345,000 of them are foreign Doctor or master theses). Library as well possesses 12 searchable databases (SCI-E、SSCI、AHCI、CPCI-S/CPCI-SSH、Engineering Village、CSCD、CSSCI、TSSCI etc.), 113 professional full-text literature databases (Elsevier SciVerseScienceDirect、IEL、SpringerLink、ProQuest、ACS、Wiley、EBSCO、ACM、Lexis Nexis、JSTOR、Nature etc.), 360,000 items of self-built databases and 982 pieces of various collections.

Library Managements
      Library, which insists in improving the activity of management with informatization, has self-developed computer integrated management system named “totem” in the early 1994. In May, 2006, the study and development of modern management system based on the idea 2.0 of library have been started. And in October, 2007, the update of library 2.0 modern management system began to be realized increasingly, which changed the traditional management mode and concept of library, improved the scientific management ability of library. In 2012, the system upgraded again to Adlib3.
      In order to make students participate actively in the library management, library set up the books management committee of college students to undertake the readers’ reception service of two reading rooms. At the same time, the committee also became the connecting bridge between library and readers. Since the committee has been established for 20 years, it edited newspaper named “Books Centre” which has been published for 130 issues, and held various activities, such as “Today I’m on duty”, readers’ salon, providing assistance in construction of libraries in disaster areas. Also, library established book club of Chongqing University and proceeded promotion activity of reading.

 Library Services
      Circulation and Reading: The library is open around the clock. It has an integrated management and service mode of collecting, borrowing, reading and surfing. Our library opens 7 days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 22:00 p.m. every day with nearly 100 hours service time. The book circulation is nearly 1,000,000 times each year. Meanwhile it owns more than 900,000 person-times reading every year.
      Alumni service: The library adheres to the concept of lifelong readers, carries out the alumni services based on the massive amounts of authoritative literature resources and professional information service team, and earnestly performs the duties of serving the society. Alumni can apply for the information service of book borrowing, document delivery, etc. services.
      Wireless network: The library provides wireless Internet service, and helps readers use all kinds of library services through the wireless network. The wireless network of campus A, B and Huxi library has covered all the reading rooms and office areas.

Sci-tech novelty retrieval: The library established the science and technology novelty search center, which is the ministerial sci-tech novelty search center approved by the ministry of education. It provides science and technology novelty search services and other forms of information consulting service for scientific research projecting and declaration, the appraisal and awarding of scientific research achievements. The science and technology novelty search center accepts more than 640 items of science and technology novelty searches in 2013.
Electronic reading service: The library owns two electronic reading rooms. Readers can retrieve all the digital resources of the digital library through the electronic reading rooms.
Reading service of special collections: The special storage room owns more than 50,000 items, including republican journals, republican newspapers, ancient books, Doctor theses, books handed down from generation to generation, reorganized precious books, providing special literature resources reading services for readers in and around university.
Interlibrary loan and document delivery: In order to make up collection inadequacy, the library established cooperation relationships with most of the domestic literature information centers, and carried out the interlibrary loan and document delivery services through the platform of CALIS CASHL, which met the literature demands of readers in and around university quite well.
Document resources share: The library actively participates in sharing alliance of all levels of regional literature information services, takes advantage of its literature resources and professional talents, and actively performs the duty of serving the society. The library is the provincial center of literature guarantee system - CALIS of the ministry of education, the resource center of science and technology literature resources sharing platform of Chongqing, the management center of digital literature resources service system- CDISS of Chongqing.
Reference and consulting: The library adheres to various forms of reference services conducted through telephone, E-mail, BBS, etc., and timely replies to various problems encountered by readers. In addition, it makes the most of “Library Services” section in MZH Forum to carry out the virtual reference services. The division director lands this forum every day and answers readers’ questions promptly.
Reader's personal knowledge communities – My Den: The library provides personalized service platform through “My Den” and creates readers’ knowledge community. Readers can not only easily check various service statuses and apply for all kinds of information and services, but also can be allowed to present themselves and make more friends by SNS model.
Mobile library: Mobile library conducted by Chongqing University Library, takes advantage of the SMS service platform. Whenever and wherever possible, readers can use the phone for inquiries, appointments, reports of the losses and other operations. It is not restricted by the cable network so it is pretty easy and convenient for readers to use. Readers only need to remember a few simple codes to complete all operations.
Lectures in Sir Run Run Shaw Library: The library widely invites experts and scholars from internal and external universities. Thematic cultural lectures held every two weeks on average which give full play of the important role of library in quality – oriented education and enhance the overall quality of the readers effectively.

Digital Library
       In order to adapt to the increasingly growing information needs of school teaching and scientific research, Chongqing University starts constructing a digital library on April 18, 2001. By the end of 2009, the digital library has been well-equipped with hardware and software and has 35 sets of server with its available storage capacity of 60 TB. The digital library is endowed with considerable network information resources, including CNKI full-text journals database, scholar family of e-book, Elsevier SDOS, IEEE, SCI/SSCI, EI, DII, Wanfang Database, the national standard database and a variety of self-built databases, totaling up to 66 databases. The digital library strengthens the digital resources integration, constructs personalized services of the readers’ study and builds the alumni service platform, which are frequented at a constantly increasing speed. The gross download volumes of digital literature exceed 10 million, and the online reading volumes outnumber 3.63 million and the annual retrieval times are over 5.29 million with its daily homepage visits over 20 thousand and the daily log-ins more than 3 thousand. Digital Library set up MZHBT (Democratic Lake BBS) in September, 2012 which has become Chongqing University’s official forum and also an important cultural place. MZHBT has become an important base where ideological and political works are held. Every year MZHBT edits and publishes an introduction book of living and studying in Chongqing University for freshmen. “Be There or Be Square” this kind of rich and colorful cultural activities are also held.

Library & Information Studies and Education
       Chongqing University’s Library & Information Studies institution consists of 5 Doctors, 21 masters and 19 senior title holders, which undertake the national social science fund projects, Chongqing key research projects and dozens of scientific research projects. Institution has already published dozens of high level theses including SSCI / SCI and compiled nearly 10 books. Library is responsible for the teaching task of document retrieval and using courses for undergraduates, graduates and masters of engineering. Our library has initiated a master degree of Information Science in collaboration with the School of Economics and Management since 2003.

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