Documents Borrowing
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     Documents borrowing include: reading, borrowing, returning, reservation and renewal of paper documents, SMS reminder, bulk borrowing, self-help borrowing and returning, interlibrary borrowing, reading of special collections, e-reading room, self- help copy and so on.
     Tel: 023-6510260 (Polytechnic Library)、023-65126171 (Architecture Library)、023-65118094(Historical Documents Center)、023-65678001 (Huxi Library)
     (1) Reading, borrowing, returning, reservation and renewal of paper documents
      Documents reading refers to that, with valid documents, readers can enter reading room to look up and read the books and periodicals within.
      Documents borrowing refers to that the library allows readers, after going through necessary formalities, to take the document collections out of the library and enjoy the right to use the documents freely in a specified period while assuming the obligation of safekeeping. 
      Books borrowed by readers can be returned in branch library. In going through the returning process, it needs readers himself to return the books borrowed to the staff and the time of returning shall be no later than the borrowing deadline. In going through the returning process, the staff shall ask readers to compensate in accordance with the stipulation if there were graffiti, damages or page-missing in the books.  
      Books reservation is a circulation service for readers. Readers could use this service to book books that has been borrowed by others. In order to make readers to use the document collections more conveniently and efficiently, books in the library can be booked online. 
      Readers can renew the books borrowed by logging in “My Study” online or going through the renewal process on the circulation service counter in each branch library. Renewal period is equal to the borrowing period. Books booked by others cannot be renewed.
    (2) SMS reminder
      SMS reminder is a convenient service offered by the library of CQU to help readers. The specific services include: reminding of the availability of the books booked, reminding of returning books borrowed and reminding of the availability of the inter-library books booked.
    (3) Bulk borrowing
      Bulk borrowing, also named as group borrowing, is a service meaning to meet the documents need in teaching, scientific research and production of the institutions both in and outside the school. It needs the institution to send a person with official letter to make an application, take a large quantity of books needed out of the library for the group to use after going through necessary formalities. The group enjoys the right to use the documents freely in a specified period while assuming the obligation of safekeeping. 
    (4) Self-help borrowing and returning
      Self-help borrowing and returning is a service that enables readers to use the self-help borrowing and returning equipment offered by the library to borrow and return books by themselves.
    (5) Interlibrary borrowing and returning
      Interlibrary borrowing and returning (Website: is an inter-campus borrowing service offered by CQUL to enable readers to borrow books from polytechnic library, architecture library, historical documents center and Huxi library. Interlibrary borrowing and returning is not allowed among polytechnic library, architecture library and historical document center.
    (6) Reading of the special collections
      Reading of the special collections, offered to make the readers to make full use of the precious academic documents in various historical stages, is a service of searching specific literatures, which means the copy of literatures.
Service department: special collection room of shaw building in polytechnic library.
      Tel: 023-65112374
    (7) E-reading room
      E-reading room, based on the computer and network communication technology, is a modernized reading room of multi-functions integrating the reading of electronic literature, consulting, training and service. The library now has two e-reading rooms in the first floor of polytechnic library, in campus A (40 computers in all) and the first floor of Huxi library (120 computers in all). The main services offered are: browsing and searching internet information, reading of the electronic literature, learning and training of the computer and network application.
     Service department:  Polytechnic library,Tel:023-65102612
      Huxi library, Tel:023-65678003
    (8) Self-help copy
      Self-help copy means that readers can use the self-help copying machine offered by the library to finish copying and thus achieve the unmanned management of copy. At present, the self-help copying machines are available at the periodical reading room in the first floor and the humanity and social science special collection room in the fourth floor of Huxi library and the innovation and discovery center in polytechnic library. 
      Service department: Innovation and discovery center in polytechnic library
      Tel: 023-65106073
      Huxi library, Tel: 023-65678060

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