Circulation Policies
Publish:admin      Click:910     Date: Mon Jun 30 10:55:00 CST 2014

 (1) Borrowing amount: insider readers (full-time students and staffs)can borrow 20 books at most. Others kinds of readers can borrow 3 books at most.

 (2) Borrowing duration: borrowing duration for staffs, undergraduates, graduates and doctoral students is one month.

 (3) Making an appointment: For all lent books, readers can make an appointment. Our library will give a small red flower award to readers who are holding the ordered books and return them within three days after receiving the notification. Readers can use the accumulated small red flowers to exchange corresponding presents. The ordered books will be kept in ordering shelf for two days. Readers who do not immediately take away the ordered books for two times will be cancelled the appointment authority for 6 months.
      Number of books can be ordered= number of books can be borrowed- number of books has borrowed.
 (4) Renew the borrowed books: if the borrowed books neither ordered nor exceed the returning deadline, readers can renew the borrowed books through online or going to the borrowing desk. Renewal period is equal to the borrowing period and the borrowed books can be renewed three times at most.

 (5) Overdue fine:Readers have to hand in liquidated damages (0.1 yuan / day), if they do not return the borrowed books before the agreed deadline. Within one year (from September 1 to August 31 next year), if accumulative liquidated damages do not exceed 10yuan, the system will automatically reset for taking it as unintentional overdue.

 (6) Losing books: All the borrowed books and periodicals must be well kept. If borrowed books were lost or severely damaged, they should be compensated by the same version with the original one, or a new version with the approval of library and nominal fee will be charged. If readers can not compensate the book as the original version or the new version under the approval of library, they must pay compensation in accordance with the relevant provisions.


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